Vingo Apple Watch

Apple Watch Set Up

Connect your iPhone to your Apple Watch

You can now connect Vingo to your Apple Watch!  If your watch is currently paired to your iPhone, and you have your Automatic App Install toggle active (Settings > General), Vingo Companion would have automatically downloaded on to your watch when you downloaded the Vingo app. 

Here is some helpful information on how to install apps on your Apple Watch: 

Gathering Health Data

Allowing Vingo to gather your health information is essential to providing you with the best experience.  Here is some information to review when requesting access to Health from your watch data.  
When Vingo is active, you will see the Heart Rate and Running Speed options available to connect or disconnect. Please be sure you have the connection active (green)

Once connected, you will then be prompted to provide access to your health data.  You will click Review and be able to toggle on the Read and Write access information. 

The images below are the toggles you will see as you scroll through the Write and Read access sections.  Please ensure that you activate each toggle to on (green).


If your watch is not connecting or not picking up accurate data, here are a few tips or tricks to try and resolve this issue. 

Apple Watch is not connecting
If your Apple watch is failing to connect with Vingo, please try:
  1. Quitting the Vingo app by swiping up.  This should allow you to launch our app again and restart the Vingo Companion app. 
  2. Restart your Apple watch and iPhone.  Restarting both of these devices is a simple way to fix minor issues and is a very effective troubleshooting method.
  3. Re-pair Your Apple Watch to Fix the Fitness App. Unpairing the Apple Watch from your iPhone often helps fix temporary bugs.
  4. Reinstall the Vingo App.  Uninstalling a problematic app and reinstalling it back can be a pain, but it often does the job. 
Incorrect incoming data
If you are noticing incorrect data coming into Vingo from your Apple watch you can try: 
  1. Resetting the Fitness Calibration.  Vingo syncs data with the iPhone when your Health Access is enabled.  However, if the data tracking is inaccurate we suggest you reset the fitness calibration data on the Apple Watch. 
  2. Delete Fitness Data. Now that you’ve reset the fitness calibration, it’s time to delete your Fitness data.
    1. *This will delete all your previous data and the next time you open the app, you will have to enter all the details again. 

Still not sure?  Our Support Team is here to help! Please email 

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