Heads-Up Display (HUD)

Heads-Up Display (HUD)

When riding or running in Vingo, we offer a Heads-Up display (HUD) that will provide you your live, average, max, percentage, calories, and climb statistics.  The HUD will display slightly different information based off of sensor connection, if you are biking or running in the app. 

Live Stats
  • Row 1 stats: Watts, Speed, Distance Traveled

  • Row 2 stats: Cadence RPM, Heart Rate, Calories Burned

Average Stats
  • Row 1 stats: Cadence RPMs, Watts, Heart Rate

  • Row 2 stats: Speed

Maximum Heart Rate Stats
  • Row 1 stats: Max Watts so far, Max Heart Rate so far, Max Speed so far (Pace)

Percentage Stats

  • Row 1 stats: % of Personal Max Watts, % of Personal Heart Rate


  • Row 1 stats: Heart Rate, Calories

Climb Grade

  • Row 1 stats: Road Grade %, Elevation Climbed, Elevation Descended

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