How to change my avatar's looks | Vingo Support

How can I change how my avatar looks?

If you want to make your avatar look like you, or anyone really, you will go to the Locker menu on the main application screen.  From there you should see options to change your appearance.  When you’re done just select “OK!” to save your preferences. screenshot of avatar and body sliders

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    • How can I change my bike equipment in the app?

      If you’re looking to change your bicycle gear first you’ll need to go to the Locker. This can be located towards the bottom left of the Home screen. Then click on the bicycle icon- and voila! You can edit your bike equipment and gear. 
    • How can I change my bike in the app?

      In the Locker Room, you can easily pick any bike that you have unlocked.
    • How to get started with Vingo - Step-by-step Guide

      1. Loading screen When you open Vingo, you may see this screen first. The application is downloading more elements like maps or bikes. The download time will depend on your internet speed. 2. Login  - Click on "JOIN" if this is your first time and ...
    • Do I need to update the resistance on my bike or treadmill?

      If your bike or treadmill does cannot talk to Vingo, you can manually change the resistance on your physical bike to match the route. The resistance will fluctuate to match the world and terrain you are in.
    • How much does Vingo cost?

      The game offers you users a free player experience up to level 5. You can enjoy the game up to this point but will be limited in the routes and customization of your avatar. If you would like to unlock other routes, clothes, and features, sign up for ...