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How can I change my bike equipment in the app?

If you’re looking to change your bicycle gear first you’ll need to go to the Locker. This can be located towards the bottom left of the Home screen. Then click on the bicycle icon- and voila! You can edit your bike equipment and gear. 

screenshot of bike selection

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    • How can I change my bike in the app?

      In the Locker Room, you can easily pick any bike that you have unlocked.
    • Is my bike compatible with Vingo?

      Note: Vingo offers a manual mode that doesn't require any sensor. This means that any indoor bike will work with Vingo! However, the manual mode cannot offer all the features Vingo has to offer. A Bluetooth sensor or equipment with built-in Bluetooth ...
    • Do I need to update the resistance on my bike or treadmill?

      If your bike or treadmill does cannot talk to Vingo, you can manually change the resistance on your physical bike to match the route.  The resistance will fluctuate to match the world and terrain you are in.
    • What exercise equipment do I need?

      Vingo is made to work with any bike or treadmill at home. But to get going you’ll need the following--  iPhone - iOS 9.0 or later. (Windows, Mac, and Android is coming soon!)  Cadence sensor (More information on cadence sensor) ANT+ dongle (More ...
    • Is the Vingo app free?

      Right now the Vingo app is completely free to download for Apple and Window users. We offer a limited number of bikes and routes and users can use it for as long as the trial is enabled.  An Android version will be out very soon but we encourage our ...