Biking Sensor Request

Biking Sensor Request

Unless you have a smart trainer, you can add a cadence sensor to your indoor bike to make your experience with Vingo more interactive.
Please fill out the form below and we'll send you a free sensor right away!
Note: US shipping addresses only

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    • How do I manually use the dongle or cadence sensor?

      Dongle- Windows Only This dongle (little usb plug for your Windows computer) is needed for the cadence sensor to send information to the app. Your computer should recognize the dongle automatically. If your computer does not recognize the dongle, you ...
    • Heads-Up Display (HUD)

      When riding or running in Vingo, we offer a Heads-Up display (HUD) that will provide you your live, average, max, percentage, calories, and climb statistics. The HUD will display slightly different information based off of sensor connection, if you ...
    • Activity History

      The Activity History is accessible from the Home screen and the Post Activity screen. The Activity History screen lists all the biking and running activities recorded since the creation of the account. The Lifetime Totals column provides averages of ...
    • Vingo Supported Devices- iOS

      Vingo has done extensive testing on certain bike and treadmill sensors. We are always striving to have our app work for as many sensors as we can. Here are some of the bike and treadmill sensors that we have verified for Vingo on your iPhone or iPad ...
    • How are coins and XP earned?

      Coins and XP points are awarded to all users upon completion of any running or biking activity. The amount earned is displayed on the Post Activity screen (see screenshot below).